Ultra-fast charging so you can get back on the road

Level 3
DC Ultra-Fast
EV Charger

Conveniently located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Helios Zap offers one of the only Level 3 DC Fast charges in the area.

Fast Charging

Get back on the road faster with our Level 3 charger!

Renewable Energy

Helios Zap Is Powered By The Helios Solar Energy System!

Conveniently Located

In Hot Springs AR - the only independent Level 3 charging station in the area!

We strive for the best customer service possible

We provide the best solutions for your electric vehicle

Save time and money by using our Level 3 charger which is powered by the Helios Solar Energy System to quick charge your electric car. Depending on your voltage capacity, a recharge at our Level 3, DC station could take as little as 20 minutes.

How Helios Zap Charging Works

All The Facts
  1. EV users plan travel routes based on Helios Energy Solar Power System and can now quickly recharge in Hot Springs, AR. Our outlet allows EVs to charge on a first-come basis. Plan your recharge on one of these popular apps: PlugShare, ChargeHub

  2. Plug in for 20-45 minutes depending on your charging needs.

  3. You are now ready to drive.

Level 1

Up to 5 miles in 1 hour

Level 2

Up to 80 miles in 1 hour

Level 3

Up to 400 miles in 1 hour

Level 4

Up to 800 miles in 1 hour


Frequently Asked Questions

Estimated Charging times

  1. Level 1: 3 days to fully charge. 
  2. Level 2: 9 hours to fully charge. 
  3. Level 3: 40 minutes to (80%) charge. 

Our charger is conveniently located in Hot Springs, AR at 759 Carpenter Dam Road, Hot Springs National Park, AR 71901

You have three ways to start and pay for your charge:

  1. Tap your phone (signed in to the ChargePoint app) on the station
  2. Tap your ChargePoint card on the station
  3. Tap the orange “Start Charge” button in the station details page in the mobile app
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Level 3 Amps
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Estimated EV Charging

Are You Having A Problem With The Helios Energy Solar Power System?

Call us immediately and we will help you as soon as we can.